Boston Metaphysical Society

Creator: Madeleine Holly-Rosing (Writer) and Emily Hu (Artist)

Media Type: Web comic

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Audience: Teens, 13+


In turn of the century Boston things are not as they seem. Ghosts, spirits, apparitions – these are the day to day interactions for the Boston Metaphysical society. Run by an ex-detective, a Catholic teen who inherited her father’s psychic abilities, and an African-American scientist this unlikely group may be all that stands between Boston and the mysterious forces seeping into our world.

Also at play in the supernatural series is B.E.T.H. – a secret society of scientists and Victorian celebrities who know the true extent of Boston’s problems; assuming they can overcome their personal agendas to do anything about it. Alexander Graham Bell, Edison, Tesla, and Houdini may not seem like the most likely (or functional) collection of men to face the spirit world – but they are the most recognizable. In addition to the web comic the BMS and B.E.T.H. worlds continue and expand in a growing series of novellas, available in print and EBook format.


Bottom Line: I was hoping for a lot more from the character-list for this comic series. I was also hoping for more per page to make the sometimes slow-loading from page to page feel more worth it. While the universe has a lot to offer, I feel it is better suited to younger readers who may be less critical.

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Lady Mechanika

Author: Joe Benitez
Series: Comic series, 3 volumes to date

Age/Audience: Teens and Adults equally

Genre/Style: Comic serial, mystery, supernatural

Read If You Like: Mechanics mixed with demonology, strong females, dark edgy comic styles



The tabloids call her Lady Mechanika, but she doesn’t know what to call herself. Part female serial killer survivor, part mechanical-body-parts experiment Mechanika roams the streets of Victorian London hoping that solving unusual cases might give her insight to her previous life. When a mechanic-demon is found roaming the streets, Mechanika hopes he can answer her questions. But when weapons manufacturer Blackpool gets involved in the hunt, things get much more complicated, and Mechanika will have to do what she does best: kick some ass.

Bottom Line: An action filled comic with creative, pure Steampunk art hosted online with a great in-browser reader.


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Gris Grimly’s Frankenstein

Author: Mary Shelley & Gris Grimly
Series: –

Age/Audience: Teens and Adults, 15+

Genre/Style: Graphic novel, horror

Read If You Like: Frankenstein, Victorian Monsters, supernatural with a little bit of horror, graphic novels



The story – Victor Frankenstein is an up and coming scientist from a Geneva aristocratic family. After the death of his mother from scarlet fever, he is inspired to finish his studies so he can return to Geneva and marry his childhood sweetheart Elizabeth and complete his family once again. While at school Victor becomes obsessed with natural philosophy, and the notion that he could do the unthinkable, give life back to the dead. After months of study and midnight experiments he finally manages to create his masterpiece. But genius isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and soon things are far beyond Frankenstein’s control. As the death toll grows, is there anything that can be done to stop The Monster?

Gris Grimly’s Adaptation – This is one of the purest adaptations I have ever seen. Instead of altering Mary Shelley’s original text, Grimly streamlines it. By pairing Shelley’s scenes with his own Steampunk/Gothic cross over style makes the text accessible to a whole new audience. Readers aren’t confronted with huge blocks of early Victorian language, instead they see bright red script letters, comic-style block image dialog, and a touching rendition of the Creature’s story – a piece of the novel often excluded in adaptations. Five stars, highly recommended for Frankenstein lovers, comic lovers, Steampunk fans, or anyone who will appreciate Shelley’s classic text with streamlined approachability.


Bottom Line: Five stars, a beautiful book filled with the original text that made Frankenstein a cultural staple.

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