A Cat’s Steampunk Alphabet

Author: G. D. Falksen and Evelyn Kriete
Series: –

Age/Audience: Mixed audience, children will enjoy the variety of cats and non-traditional alphabet rhymes, adults will enjoy the throw back to turn-of-the-century English culture.

Genre/Style: Alphabet book

Read If You Like: Louis Wain style cats, rhymes, Victorian British satire



H is for hydraulic, I for iron, and J for jingo in this abecedary that has as much appeal for grown-ups as for young ones. Styled after Louis Wain’s illustrations the simple rhymes offer steampunk vocabulary (dirigible, gear, timepiece) paired with satire on Victorian culture (xenophobia, jingo, zenith). This short book offers a lot to all ages as a platform for discussion, an interpretation of illustration, and an introduction to all things steam.


Bottom Line: The perfect mix of cute and clever, a must read.

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Nook Book: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/a-cats-steampunk-alphabet-gd-falksen/1110378155?ean=9781434448880

Steamduck Learns to Fly!

Author: Emilie P Bush and Illustrated by William Kevin Petty
Series: Coal City Stories

Age/Audience: children, early readers

Genre/Style: Prose rhyming picture book with intermediate level sentences

Read If You Like: Existential crisis in children’s literature, ducks, overcoming obstacles



Steamduck has always been happy floating around rivers and lakes, but when he sees a gaggle of geese fly over head he knows something is missing that makes it clear he isn’t a real duck. With the help of his tinker creator Otter, they begin investigating the best ways to get Steamduck up into the air. They try balloons and other ways, but nothing seems to get him off the ground. Finally, after several tries, the tinker has a surprise for Steamduck that shows him all rewards mean more when you truly earn them.


Bottom Line: Lovely simply colored illustrations paired with a heart-wrenchingly sweet story make this story a delight. However, it should be noted, the meter is very forced, but it does keep young and old readers focused.


Links: http://www.amazon.com/Steamduck-Learns-FLY-Steampunk-Picture/dp/0984902813

Steampunk Alphabet

Author: Written & Illustrated by Nathanael Iwafa

Age/Audience: Children 4+

Genre/Style: Alphabet and rhyme book, art book

Read If You Like: Art books, easy rhymes, nonfiction children’s books, abecedary books



This chunky, thick-paged, brightly illustrated alphabet book has a little something for everyone. For early readers the playful rhymes describe a mix of reality and make-believe. Four line poems about A for Apple, F for Fish, P for Purse, and Z for Zipper match a bright original illustration for the steampunk adaptation of that item. For example, the Apple here is not a fruit, but a modified music box used as a listening device. Each poem is paired with a small prose description of the item in more detail. For adults the art is surely inspirational, and offer a great discussion and imagination starter with youngsters.


Bottom Line: Cute, bright, and highly imaginative Steampunk Alphabet offers a new spin on early rhyme readers and is approachable but far from boring.



Peak Inside: http://www.amazon.com/Steampunk-Alphabet-Nat-Iwata/dp/1937359409

Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod

Author: Brian Kesinger
Series: standalone

Age/Audience: Everyone

Genre/Style: Picture book/coffee table book

Read If You Like: Heavily stylized books with simple stories, octopus


Recently adopted your own cephalopod and don’t know what to do? Never fear, Brian Kesinger’s brightly illustrated “do and don’t” guide will help you through everything from exercise, to socializing, to keeping ink out of the gears in your boots. This book is filled with over 30 lusciously colored steampunk pictures showing the delightful (but sometimes difficult) day to day of living with a full-sized, eight-armed pet. Hardcover with thick pages this picture book is great for readers who will enjoy Otto’s antics and will surely be asking for their own come Christmas.


Bottom Line: Fun, colorful, and off the beaten path of “see Jane go” picture books this pick is a coffee-table staple – fun for adults, vocabulary growing for kids


Find It: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/walking-your-octopus-brian-kesinger/1114842286?ean=9781614040064