A Lady’s Experiences in the Wild West in 1883

Author: Rose Render (forward by A B Guthrie, Jr)
Series: –

Age/Audience: Teens with an interest in the wild west, adults

Genre/Style: Travel narrative

Read If You Like: Authentic, sassy, Victorian travel narratives, stories about the American West


Mrs. Rose Render’s hyperbolic narrative of her travels through the 19th century is unlike a traditional nonfiction: the line is much more blurry. Though technically a nonfiction book this reads like a narrative thanks to the reflective nature of the writing and the added structural elements. Carrying with her a large collection of luggage, her husband, and her aristocratic English attitude Mrs. Render offers a unique perspective on the West. Her story describes all the details you would hope to find in historic nonfiction – descriptions of the New York style of train luggage porting, interactions between the social classes, and a colorful explanation of the cattle ranching process circa 1883. This little (130 pages) book offers a lot to different readers. You get to enjoy the insight of authentic Victorian travel stories, but you also get Mrs. Render’s hyperbolic, extravagant point of view.


Bottom Line:

Nonfiction for those that don’t like reading nonfiction. This is the kind of book to shake someone out of a reading rut: a mix of styles, a unique voice, and quick enough to read in a day or two.

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