Murdoch Mysteries

Creator: Books by Maureen Jennings, TV Series produced for the CBC staring Yannik Bisson

Tags: Adult, Teen, TV

Media Type: Television Series, Hour long episodes

Audience: 13+


A regular season murder mystery set in late Victorian Toronto, Murdoch is CSI with period costume. Not one to take the easy answer, Detective William Murdoch uses the latest in forensic science (ie finger marks, rudimentary ballistics and blood spatter analysis) to solve the most difficult crimes in the city. To aid him are his fellow members of the Toronto Constabulary (including the hot tempered York-man Inspector Thomas Brackenreid and the clever, though unusual Constable George Crabtree) and the medical examiner Dr Julia Ogden. Murdoch blends realistic period forensics with steampunk flair through his inventions – some of which are accidental. Murdoch theorizes the future of television, the microwave, digital pictures, and creates basic models of many of his inventions. For added fun, historic guest stars like Nicola Tesla, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and H.G. Wells often make an appearance.

Bottom Line:

A witty weekly mystery with lovable characters, fantastic costuming that’s historically accurate, and just enough drama to keep you coming back week after week without wearing you out. Overall, a great idea that’s well executed AND is in its 6th season so there are plenty of episodes to marathon watch.

Find It:

In Canada: Episodes online via the CBC,

In the States: Seasons 1-3 on Netflix, 1-5 on DVD or via Amazon Prime.

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