Steampunk Your Wardrobe: Easy Projects to Add Victorian Flair to Everyday Fashions

Author: Calisa Taylor
Series: –

Age/Audience: 13+ (with supervision, most projects require a sewing machine and/or hot glue)

Genre/Style: DIY/Fashion

Read If You Like: Making your own costume items, low-key steampunk fashion you can wear every day, DIY crafting



This particular DIY book is one of my favorites. Taylor focuses on a lot of pieces in Steampunk fashion; from the subtle Victorian-esque shrug you can wear every day to the more obvious costume pieces for dedicated cosplayers. Taylor also gives from-the-beginning instructions, explaining the purpose/use of sewing machine feet and the importance of correct measurements. She also includes more craft-like pieces such as a mini-top hat, a flask, and a purse that can be used to add personal touches to purchased costumes. Her book is filled with large, detailed photographs to help guide you through construction and several pieces start with pre-purchased coats or sweaters allowing users to up-cycle their wardrobe. From this one volume you could make a full steam character (pantaloons, shirt, waist cinches, vest, hat, and jacket) or pick and choose for your own style. For readers who are, ahem, bustier, like me, the pattern to make your own lacey shirt is particularly handy.


Bottom Line:

I great book for inspiration and guidance aimed at novice costumers. The mini-top hat pattern and tutorial is exceptionally good.

Look Inside:


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