Van Helsing

Creator: Directed by Stephen Sommers, Starring Hugh Jackman and Kate Beckinsale

Tags: adult, teens, movies

Media Type: Feature Film, 131 minutes

Audience: Rated PG-13



Meet Van Helsing, the Catholic Church’s bounty hunter for all things mythical and otherworldly. When the Church needs someone to deal with a vampire infestation in northern Transylvania Van Helsing and his friar assistant Carl are sent on the job. There they meet Anna Valerious and her brother – the last two in an ill fated family line. The Valerious founder made a promise to God, than none of his line would enter heaven until they had killed the worst of all vampires: Dracula. As the end of their family line, Anna desperately seeks Dracula’s fortress to save the souls of her family. With Van Helsing’s help they fight werewolves, Dracula’s brides, and try to stop his dastardly plan… as soon as they find out what it is.

The main steam elements in the movie are the weapons like Van Helsing’s mechanized, revolver style crossbow and the clothes; Anna’s costumes offer a colorful alternative to wearing a bustle. The high-Victorian pseudo-science re-imagining of Frankenstein’s Monster is also very steampunk.



Bottom Line: A little cheesy, but a lot of fun with great weapons and costumes.

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