Walking Your Octopus: A Guidebook to the Domesticated Cephalopod

Author: Brian Kesinger
Series: standalone

Age/Audience: Everyone

Genre/Style: Picture book/coffee table book

Read If You Like: Heavily stylized books with simple stories, octopus


Recently adopted your own cephalopod and don’t know what to do? Never fear, Brian Kesinger’s brightly illustrated “do and don’t” guide will help you through everything from exercise, to socializing, to keeping ink out of the gears in your boots. This book is filled with over 30 lusciously colored steampunk pictures showing the delightful (but sometimes difficult) day to day of living with a full-sized, eight-armed pet. Hardcover with thick pages this picture book is great for readers who will enjoy Otto’s antics and will surely be asking for their own come Christmas.


Bottom Line: Fun, colorful, and off the beaten path of “see Jane go” picture books this pick is a coffee-table staple – fun for adults, vocabulary growing for kids


Find It: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/walking-your-octopus-brian-kesinger/1114842286?ean=9781614040064

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