What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew

Author: Daniel Pool
Series: –

Age/Audience: 14+, mostly adults or teens with a noted interest

Genre/Style: Nonfiction essay style writing, quick progression through chapters covers various years, chapters based on theme

Read If You Like: Nonfiction designed for short-spurt reading sessions



The world of 19th century England was both radically different from our own, and similar in ways we may not have considered before. Written for fellow writers and the everyday reader with a curiosity about the day to day of Dicken’s socializing, Pool’s book is part novel part encyclopedia. Aimed at a widespread audience, Pool aims his informative book at those with a vague notion of Victorianism looking to find what’s changed and what hasn’t since the 19th century. The book isn’t a narrative, but it suits short bursts of reading and functions like a series of essays on a topic all grouped together into this one volume. Particularly helpful to researchers and writers is Pool’s lengthy (though now a little outdated) bibliography at the end of the book. Additionally, the glossary makes Pool’s book a helpful side-table companion for readers and writers.


Bottom Line:

An interesting read full of fun tidbits, good for general interest readers who want more narrative-style writing or researchers looking for square one.

Read More: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/1987.What_Jane_Austen_Ate_and_Charles_Dickens_Knew

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