The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box

Creator: Directed By: Jonathan Newman, staring Michael Sheen and Aneurin Barnard

Media Type: Feature Film, 100 minutes

Audience: Children



It’s 1885, and Mariah Mundi is watching is young brother Felix run amuck in the British Museum while his father gives a lecture. When a severely wounded man suddenly appears demanding to see his father, Mariah knows something isn’t quite right. Mariah and Felix soon find themselves on the run when their parents go missing and the wounded man, Capt. Will Charity, may be their only hope of finding them. The search takes them to the Prince Regent Hotel off the coast of Scotland, where mystical spas heal the sick, for a price. A family-safe adventure based around a reimagining of the King Midas myth, this beautifully costumed film offers a lot for the eye but little for the imagination. A mix of mysticism, G-rated action, and terrible plot holes The Adventurer is best suited for young audiences with a flair for fashion. Additionally, the forced cliffhanger credit scene will likely only serve to frustrate older audiences.


Bottom Line: The only steam-powered device in the film is an over-sized elevator, despite elevators being in existence since the 1840s; grossly insufficient to carry the Steampunk label Netflix gives it.

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