Welcome to the Steampunk Library!

Hello librarians, students, bookworms, and steampunk enthusiasts! My name is Constance and I’ll be your librarian.

This website was created, originally, as my final class project for my MLIS. I wanted to build a web resource for librarians and students who want to know more about steam literature and reader’s advisory, but that can also be used by those who are part of the culture and want to build it into their library programing. Thus Steampunk Library was born!

Here I’ll post programing ideas (my own and those from around the web), book reviews, book talks, movie reviews, and online resources for a variety of uses. I’ll also be featuring guest posts from my fellow librarians and children’s literature specialists.

Have a book review you want to submit? Have a programing idea you want to share? Have a question you need answered or a problem that needs solving? Submissions are enthusiastically asked for; see the submissions page in the top menu for details.

Happy Reading!

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